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Black Singlet I.T.’s normal hourly rate of $95.00 (+GST) applies. Usually 2-3 hours are required.

  • Before we can get started, we will need your hosting account and CMS (Content Management System) login details. If you are not sure how to get this information, or who from, we can check for you.
  • We will then be able to assess the extent of damage (once we have access to the website), and provide an estimate. If the site is small to medium in size, and the level of hacking minimal, we should be able to complete the following within a couple of hours. We will of course only proceed once a time frame has been agreed upon, with any extension to be confirmed if required.
  • We then backup the site, taking note of the structure and any themes and plugins installed.
  • The website is then scanned and manually checked for corrupt files and folders, which are noted and removed as required.
  • Next, we update and replace core files as applicable, and any free themes or plugins.
    If any have been provided bespoke or from paid suppliers, we will discuss options with you.
    The site and CMS is checked for functionality at this stage. Any issues are investigated.
  • Additional security plugins are installed, and used to further scan the site for hacks and malware. Reports are provided and any action necessary is taken.
  • You are then asked to check that the website is working, including any CMS logins or site functionality, once passwords are reset.
  • We will monitor the site for one month free of charge
    (as per our Bronze Plan, normal cost $35.00 +GST).

Ongoing management and monitoring is available and highly recommended.


Black Singlet I.T.’s normal hourly rate of $95.00 (+GST) applies.

  • Check for and advise on backup policy and action.
  • Blacklisting removal from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…
  • Google services (such as Analytics and Adwords) setup and management.
  • Research and suggest ISP and other service providers, depending on customer requirements.
  • Investigate systems such as CRM, invoicing email and hosting used is current and best value for your needs.
  • Email support and troubleshooting.
  • Assess needs for email and management systems, ISP, phones and devices.
  • Update Operating Systems and software, computer housekeeping, Malware removal.